Welcome to the 48 kHz Alliance, part of BeyondPodcasting.com. Here is a summary of our philosophy:

48 kHz audio sampling is our preferred standard —for both production and distribution— for all of the reasons expressed in my 2016 article All audio production & distribution should go 48 kHz. It’s not about the slight superior audible quality of 48 kHz. It’s about:

  1. Being compatible with the video world. Even audio-only productions should —at least occasionally— be part of a video documentary or a video promo, and therefore facilitate it, not complicate it.
  2. Making our production standard match our distribution standard for 99% of the listeners, so only the 1% needs to suffer a downsampling, and 0% ever has to suffer an upsampling (which is even less desirable).

So far, we have given out some awards in several categories. Please return frequently as we update this information.


Welcome to BeyondPodcasting‘s and 48 kHz Alliance‘s growing knowledgebase:


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