3D binaural audio production and consumption with Hooke Audio

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16: Allan Tépper converses with Anthony Mattana of Hooke Audio about 3D binaural audio production and consumption and their Hooke Verse headset and software, which Allan Tépper recently reviewed in ProVideo Coalition magazine. Allan Tépper also inducts the Hooke Verse headset and software into the 48 kHz Alliance.

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A sniglet for all casters-Max Flight goes 48 kHz-your new show

Episode 15:

  • Allan Tépper and Chris Curran of Podcast Engineering School present a new sniglet for all casters.
  • Max Flight of Airplane Geeks joins the 48 kHz Alliance.
  • Allan Tépper helps you create your online show.

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Is the RØDECaster an automixer? Three 48 kHz Alliance awards

14: Allan Tépper gives out three awards from the 48 kHz Alliance, with audible acceptance comments in some cases:

  • Chris Curran of Podcast Engineering School, whose show is distributed at 48 kHz as of several episodes.
  • RØDECaster Pro, which works exclusively with our standard 48 kHz sampling rate, and with 24-bit resolution too. See several RØDEcaster Pro articles in ProVideo Coalition, and here is the B&H link.
  • Hindenburg Journalist Pro, Allan Tépper’s favorite multitrack editing software for audio storytellers on conventional computers like Mac and Windows. Get a free trial and discount here.

Then Curtis Judd of Learn Light and Sound joins Allan Tépper to give each one’s opinions about how the RØDECaster Pro performs as an automatic mixer, even though it is not marketed as one. They also talk about the RØDECaster Pro in general, and the very few details they’d like changed.

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Unleash Spreaker Studio’s hidden power

13: Allan Tépper discusses the Spreaker Studio application and how to unleash its hidden power. We’re joined today by Rob Greenlee of Spreaker and Voxnest. Read the related article in ProVideo Coalition.

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RØDECaster Pro—48 kHz Alliance-Memo Sauceda-Rafael Pereira

12: Allan Tépper is joined in the studio by Emmy-award winning actor and voiceover talent Memo Sauceda and audio engineer Rafael Pereira. They take a bird’s eye view tour of the RØDECaster Pro and then announce the new 48 kHz ALLIANCE, including 18 podcatchers and players Allan Tépper personally tested for perfect 48 kHz playback. See the related article in ProVideo Coalition magazine here, including the related images and graphics.

Some equipment used in today’s episode:



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Above-the-fold podcast subscription links on our podcast website

11: Apple recommends above-the-fold subscription links on our websites, and CapicúaFM wins best Society & Culture show from Latin Podcast Awards. Allan Tépper covers 3 methods to achieve above-the-fold subscription links on mobile devices with WordPress: 1 free and 2 paid solutions. The free solution is the PowerPress Subscribe Sidebar Widget from Blubrry (illustrated to the left) and its creator, Angelo Mandato, accompanies Allan Tépper to discuss it and related podcasting topics. The two paid solutions are: Social Subscribe & Follow Icons from Daniel J. Lewis and Sonaar Podcastr from Maxime Jutras.

Read the related article on this topic by Allan Tépper in ProVideo Coalition magazine.
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AAC test bonus: Does this your device play this file?

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Many people are afraid that AAC may not be playable on all current players. Many people mistakenly believe that that letter A in AAC stands for Apple. That is incorrect. The AAC acronym stands for Advanced Audio Códec, without any mention of Apple in the name. Apple did not create it. Apple just likes it. AAC has been standardized by ISO and IEC, as part of the MPEG–2 and MPEG–4 specifications. AAC was released in 1997, 21 years ago as I write this. It’s worth it to take some time to test it and see the results. All Android versions from 2.3 and later support AAC. My Pixel XL phone has Android version 9, aka Android Pie. Are there any Android devices still in use that are older than version 2.3? If you know of any device that cannot play this file, please write to me via contact@BeyondPodcasting.com , including the device model and operating system.

By the way, this AAC file has 48 kHz audio sampling, as do all of my recent MP3 show episodes from BeyondPodcasting, CapicúaFM, Tu salud secreta and Tu radio global. See my article All audio production & distribution should go 48 kHz in ProVideo Coalition magazine.

Let’s see what we can discover together. See you at BeyondPodasting.com.

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4 automatic audio mixers ≤US$1000 cure bleed/spill/crosstalk

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Automatic audio mixer conversation between Allan Tépper and Curtis Judd of Learn, Light and Sound. They discuss the Zoom F8n (≈US$999 AmazonB&H), Audio-Technica ATDM–0604 (≈US$899 AmazonB&H), Audio Technica AT-MX351a (US$829 AmazonB&H, previously reviewed by Allan Tépper), the Behringer X AIR XR12 (≈US$250 AmazonB&H) and Auphonic’s multitrack crossgating process (reviewed by Allan Tépper). Also, listen to Chris Curran’s interview with Dan Dugan on Podcast Engineering School. Dan Dugan was the original inventor of automix, although his patent has since expired.

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Hindenburg Journalist Pro, the multitrack editor made for audio storytellers

In episode 9, Allan Tépper discusses his favorite multitrack editor for audio storytellers, Hindenburg Journalist Pro. His remote guest —directly from Denmark— is Nick Dunkerley, Creative Director of Hindenburg. Get your free 90-day trial at BeyondPodcasting.com/hindenburg

They discuss the creation of the Hindenburg Journalist (Pro) program named in honor of the Hindenburg disaster, narrated by radio journalist Herbert Morrison the same day in 1937… and character Les Nessman’s (actor Richard Sanders’) homage to it in WKRP in Cincinnati’s Turkey’s Away episode. Then they cover in detail the unique features found in Hindenburg Journalist (Pro). Also see Allan Tépper’s Hindenburg articles in ProVideo Coalition magazine.

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Branded RSS in the era of platform expulsion

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In episode 8, Allan Tépper converses with Chris Curran to clarify what an RSS feed is, why it’s such a critical element in order to syndicate an online show (audio or video) as a podcast, together with related analogies and anecdotes. Allan explains the benefits and methods of having one with your own branding, using your own Internet domain as the RSS feed’s core. This is especially important now, in the era of platform expulsion (i.e. Alex Jones of Infowars and many more), the importance of free speech and the suggestion of defamation/libel laws as the only acceptable measurement. Allan explains how you can get a branded RSS feed, regardless of whether you use one of two particular dedicated podcast media hosts which permit it so far (Blubrry or Libsyn), or you self-host your show(s), as is the case with his, that of James Cridland (Podnews), Leo Laporte (TWiT show & network) and —most recently— the FCC (US Federal Communications Commission’s More than Seven Dirty Words).

Required reading

Please read the associated article of the same title, Branded RSS in the era of platform expulsion, which includes quotes from Todd Cochrane of Blubrry and Rob Walch of Libsyn, as well as a valuable video created and hosted by Dave Jackson. This article contains more details and will be continually updated with the latest information regarding this essential topic.

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