Podcatcher apps+My first indie song production in 3 locations+distribution


Allan Tépper discusses the production of his first bilingual indie song in three locations, plays it and explains its distribution strategy.

This song is called Let it be called Castilian Debe llamarse castellano. It’s educational and makes parody of the same coverup covered in several of Allan Tépper’s books, including La conspiración del castellano and the English adaptation, The Castilian Conspiracy. The song includes Spaniard linguist, voiceover talent and singer María Esnoz and was mastered by Chris Curren.  We discuss podcatcher apps: which to use and recommend to your listeners and why after Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher sadly “collaborated” to offer us the worst-looking and least functional episode notes ever. We also introduce our newest sponsor, Allan’s favorite coffee for many years.

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