WebSub and PowerPress 8, with Angelo Mandato


18: Allan Tépper and guest Angelo Mandato discuss the power of WebSub and new features in PowerPress 8. We also discuss Allan Tépper’s latest ebook, Branded RSS podcasting: the definitive guide.

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James Cridland, international issues, Google Podcasts + much more


On BeyondPodcasting episode 5, Allan Tépper converses with James Cridland, Radio futurologist and editor of podnews.net, aka “the James Bond of both conventional radio and the new radio”. They both celebrate the arrival of Google Podcasts and discuss:

  • International cultural and linguistic issues
  • Secure RSS feeds
  • Forced HTTPS on websites since 2014 or earlier
  • Allan Tépper’s Medium article about 5 reasons to remove WWW from your website
  • Silent dots
  • Confusion between the two different types of the billion number: the short scale (9 zeros) and the long scale (12 zeros)
  • Which is the correct side of the street to drive and why

Audio hardware and software used:

  • RØDE M5 microphone (AmazonB&H) reviewed here, used by Allan Tépper.
  • Shure A81WS enormous windscreen/pop filter (AmazonB&H) covered in many articles and used in countless US presidential inaugurations.
  • Tascam US–2X2 preamp/A-D converter interface (AmazonB&H) to be reviewed soon, used by Allan Tépper.
  • Cleanfeed.net (reviewed here) used to link Allan and James and record them at 48 kHz on separate tracks.
  • RØDE Podcaster microphone (AmazonB&H) used by James.
  • Auphonic.com used by Allan Tépper and James Cridland
  • Hindenburg Journalist Pro multitrack editor (reviewed and covered in many articles) used by Allan Tépper.
  • Izotope RX6 Advanced (review pending, B&H retail priceB&H educational price) used by Allan Tépper.
  • Audio MIDI settings in macOS to set audio sampling frequency of connected devices to 48 kHz.
  • Status Audio CB–1 brandable isolating studio headphones (reviewed here, Amazon) used by Allan Tépper.
  • SiteGround hosting (used by Allan Tépper for several websites/online radio/podcasts, including BeyondPodcasting)

BeyondPodcasting resides at BeyondPodcasting.com.

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