Audio plugins + more, with Chris Curran


In BeyondPodcasting episode 3, Allan Tépper discusses audio plugins + more with Chris Curran of Podcast Engineering School. This episode is brought to us in part by Descript, the transcription-text-audio-caption/subtitle editor that auto-transcribes audio via voice-to-text, lets us manually correct/edit the text and have the audio reflect the corresponding changes instantly. BeyondPodcasting listeners can get 100 minutes of free auto-transcription for a limited time by visiting

Equipment, services + software discussed and/or used for this episode:

  • (reviewed here) used to link and record Allan Tépper and Chris Curran remotely at 48 kHz sampling rate.
  • ElectroVoice RE20 (vintage version) microphone used by Chris Curran
  • RØDE Broadcaster microphone (reviewed here, AmazonB&H) used by Allan Tépper
  • RØDE AI–1 interface preamp/A-to-D converter (reviewed here, AmazonB&H)
  • Neve Portico 2 channel strip (B&H) used by Chris Curran
  • Sound Devices MixPre–6 (B&H) used by Chris Curran. (Allan Tépper reviewed the smaller MixPre–3 here.)
  • Audio Hijack by Rogue Amoeba (used by Chris Curran and occasionally by Allan Tépper)
  • Izotype Ozone 8 (B&H retail priceB&H educational price) used by Chris Curran
  • Izotope RX6 Advanced (B&H retail priceB&H educational price) now used by both Chris Curran and Allan Tépper
  • used by Allan Tépper
  • Hindenburg Journalist Pro multitrack editor (reviewed and covered in many articles) used by Allan Tépper
  • Reaper multitrack editor used by Chris Curran
  • Waves plugins used by Chris Currant: Scheps Omni Channel, SSL E-Channel strip, SSL-G Channel strip, Scheps 73 equalizer, CLA–76 compressor/limiter, CLA–2A compressor/limiter, Vocal Rider
  • Fab Filter Pro • Q 2 equalizer, Fab Filter Pro • DS de-esser
  • Status Audio CB–1 brandable isolating studio headphones (reviewed here, Amazon) used by Allan Tépper.
  • SiteGround hosting (used by Allan Tépper for several websites/online radio/podcasts, including BeyondPodcasting)

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