4 automatic audio mixers ≤US$1000 cure bleed/spill/crosstalk

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Automatic audio mixer conversation between Allan Tépper and Curtis Judd of Learn, Light and Sound. They discuss the Zoom F8n (≈US$999 AmazonB&H), Audio-Technica ATDM–0604 (≈US$899 AmazonB&H), Audio Technica AT-MX351a (US$829 AmazonB&H, previously reviewed by Allan Tépper), the Behringer X AIR XR12 (≈US$250 AmazonB&H) and Auphonic’s multitrack crossgating process (reviewed by Allan Tépper). Also, listen to Chris Curran’s interview with Dan Dugan on Podcast Engineering School. Dan Dugan was the original inventor of automix, although his patent has since expired.

BeyondPodcasting is hosted, produced and edited by Allan Tépper and resides at BeyondPodcasting.com.

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